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Tax and Accounting

O'Leary-Guth Law Office, S.C. provides a wide range of tax and accounting services to our clients. In particular, we understand the unique tax and accounting issues that arise when working with trusts, estates and business owners. Inadequate tax and accounting services can unwind an estate plan, result in fiduciary liability and lead to family disputes.

The following are just some of the tax and accounting services we can provide:

  • Tax Return Preparation and Audits – We can prepare all types of tax returns, including estate tax returns, gift tax returns, sales and use tax returns, personal property tax returns, and income tax returns for individuals, businesses, trusts and estates. We can also help you through any audits you may be facing.
  • Trust Accounting – We can assist trustees with the preparation of annual trust accountings to the trust beneficiaries, which in many cases are required by law. We can also aid with determining the amounts that should be distributed to the trust beneficiaries.
  • Business Accounting – We can assist business owners with a variety of tax and accounting tasks including capital account maintenance, cost basis tracking, and preparation of financial statements, cash flow planning and budgeting. We are available to help on a project-by-project basis, or on a regular basis with recurring tasks.

If you already have a relationship with a tax preparer or accounting firm, we would welcome the opportunity to work with them. We can be a resource to help your tax preparer or accountant with tax and accounting issues unique to trusts and estates.

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