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Estate planning is for all ages.  Estate planning for young families and young adults is just as important as estate planning for older generations.  

what services do we offer to YOUNG FAMILIES AND YOUNG ADULTS?

Following are just some of the important services we offer to young families and young adults.  It is our goal to make estate planning efficient and cost effective for young people so they can have the documents they need in place.  We offer free initial consultations to new clients, so call us today to schedule a meeting if you are interested in any of the following services for you or a loved one.  

Single Adults

Single adults should have a financial and healthcare power of attorney documents to appoint someone that can make decisions and help them out if they are in the hospital or unable to do something for themselves.  A will and/or trust may also be helpful to have just in case something were to happen.  We recommend that these documents be put in place as soon as a young person turns age 18.  Just before college is a perfect time to get these documents in place.  

Unmarried Couples

Unmarried couples often have even more issues to plan for than married couples, such as:

  • If you get sick, is your partner authorized to make medical or financial decisions for you?
  • If you die, where do your assets go? 
  • Do you own a home jointly with your partner?  How should it be titled?  What happens if someone wants to move or sell?
  • If you have children, who will be their guardians if something happens to you?
  • Should you have a cohabitation agreement?
  • If you are considering marriage, should you have a prenuptial agreement?

Married Couples

Young married couples have many considerations to incorporate in their estate plan.  We can help them implement an estate plan that addresses all of the following and more:

  • Appointing guardians for any children
  • Appropriately titling property
  • Determining who gets what when one spouse dies and when the second spouse dies
  • Trusts for children
  • Protecting assets from your children's creditors or ex-spouses in the event of a divorce

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